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The BitPay wallet app is an officially-supported BitPay distribution of the Copay project. By providing the BitPay wallet app, we're able to more tightly integrate BitPay-powered services into the wallet experience while still allowing the Copay project to remain true to its open source nature.

What's in the future for Copay and the BitPay wallet app?

We'll continue to release Copay for all platforms, and the Copay project will continue to be the primary "development head" for the BitPay wallet app. We're excited to continue developing Copay to be the world's most powerful and open bitcoin wallet platform, while making the BitPay app the best way to secure, spend, and manage your bitcoin.

How is the BitPay wallet app different from Copay?

Right now, the primary difference between BitPay and Copay is the BitPay app's integration with the BitPay Card – a prepaid Visa debit card which you can securely pair, manage, and load through the BitPay app. For people living on bitcoin, this makes the BitPay wallet app a great interface for managing both traditional finances and bitcoin spending/savings wallets.

For more information on why we launched the BitPay app, check out the announcement blog post.

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