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The Starter plan offers free daily BTC settlement and free weekly EUR and USD settlement for up to 30 transactions per month. If you process more than 30 transactions, a 1% service fee will be applied to additional settlements occurring within the calendar month.

Weekly settlement occurs each Wednesday.

The Business plan offers unlimited processing and daily settlement for a 1% service fee that will be applied to your merchant ledger as part of the settlement process.

Here are the main advantages of upgrading to the Business plan:

  • Fiat settlement once each business day
  • Additional fiat settlement options
  • Access to apply for higher daily processing limits
  • Permission access to the BitPay dashboard for multiple users supporting your our internal business processes
  • Ability to set thresholds for accepting under/overpaid invoices

In addition to these current advantages, our Business and Enterprise plan merchants automatically receive access to any of the new features, reports, and services offered by BitPay.

To determine if the Business plan is right for you, you may want to take a look at your monthly bitcoin transaction volume to evaluate if the increase in your total fee costs would be worth the advantages offered by the plan change.

See more information about our merchant pricing plans here:

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