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  • Wordpress >= 3.9 (Older versions may work, but we do not test against those)
  • GMP or BCMath You may have to install GMP as most servers do not come with it, but generally BCMath is already included.
  • GravityForms >= 1.8.4
  • mcrypt
  • OpenSSL Must be compiled with PHP
  • PHP >= 5.4


From Downloadable Archive

Visit the Releases page of this repository and download the latest version. Once this is done, you can just go to Wordpress's Adminstration Panels > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin, select the downloaded archive and click Install Now. After the plugin is installed, click on Activate.

WARNING: It is good practice to backup your database before installing plugins. Please make sure you create backups.

NOTE: Your Maximum File Upload Size located inside your php.ini may prevent you from uploading the plugin if it is less than 2MB. If this is the case just extract the contents of the Release into your Wordpress's wp-content/plugins folder.

From source code

Run the following command to build the plugin folder:

$ ./setup

Copy and paste the bitpay-gravityforms-plugin folder into your Wordpress's wp-content/plugins folder


Configuration can be done using the Administrator section of Wordpress. Once Logged in, you will find the configuration settings under Forms > Settings > BitPay Payments. Alternatively, you can also get to the configuration settings via Plugins and clicking the Settings link for this plugin.

Here your will need to create a pairing code using your BitPay merchant account. Once you have a Pairing Code, put the code in the Pairing Code field:

On success, you'll receive a token:

NOTE: Pairing Codes are only valid for a short period of time. If it expires before you get to use it, you can always create a new one and pair with it. You will only need to do this once since each time you do this, the extension will generate public and private keys that are used to identify you when using the API.

You are also able to configure how BitPay's IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) changes the order in your Gravity Forms store.

When an invoice is paid this is the URL that your customers are taken to.

Save your changes and you're good to go!


Once enabled, your customers will be able to pay with Bitcoins. Once they checkout they are redirected to a full screen BitPay invoice to pay for the order.

As a merchant, the orders in your Gravity Forms store can be treated as any other order. You may need to adjust the Invoice Settings depending on your order fulfillment.

GMP Installation

It is highly recommended you install GMP for this plugin to acheive maximum performance.

Compile PHP with GMP

Enable Extension

If the extension has been included with your PHP install, you only need to uncomment the line in the PHP ini configuration file.

On Windows:

; From
; To

On Linux:

; From
; To


$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install php5-gmp
$ sudo php5enmod gmp

Restart your server

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