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You can test BitPay's service by creating a merchant test account and using testnet coins to make payments to test invoices.

Create a BitPay merchant test account

Visit to create a merchant account on our test server. Click ‘Accept Bitcoin’ in the middle of the page and fill out the account application. Test merchant account applications are automatically accepted in our test environment.

Get a testnet wallet

To make test payments, you can use any Bitcoin testnet-compatible wallet. We recommend the BitPay app, a full featured bitcoin wallet developed by BitPay. When creating a new wallet, you need to enable the TESTNET mode as indicated on the below screenshot.

Get testnet coins

You can get testnet coins from the following testnet faucets:

When your are asked for a testnet bitcoin address, enter the address from your BitPay wallet (under the "Receive" tab). The address is a long string (34 characters) starting with the letter ‘m’ or 'n', indicating it’s a testnet address.

Testnet demo transaction

The simplest way to create an invoice on the test environment is by using your BitPay merchant dashboard. Go to­checkout and generate a payment button.

On the next page you can test your button. Pay the new BitPay invoice by scanning the QR code with the testnet wallet on your phone.

Set up your test integration (optional)

BitPay supports various integration options which you can test with a test merchant account.

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