Advice and answers from the BitPay Team

BitPay can only process donations for non-profit organizations (501c3 designation or equivalent) who are approved for Tier 2 verification or higher.

If you are an organization who is looking to accept Bitcoin as an alternative donation method, please create a merchant account by visiting to submit an application. Once the application has been completed, you will receive an e-mail requesting that you confirm your merchant account e-mail address with a provided link.

After confirming your e-mail address, you will be returned to the 'Get Started' page to verify your business. Click 'Get Verified' to complete basic verification (for the basic Tier 1). Next, input your settlement settings (a bank account, bitcoin address, or split between both).

To apply for Tier 2 verification, click 'Start Accepting Bitcoin,' which will take you to the merchant dashboard. Select 'Settings' > 'Approved Volume' and apply for Tier 2. You will receive an email with further instructions on what documents to provide and how to upload them.

Once you've applied for Tier 2 verification and provided all of the necessary documentation, a compliance analyst will review your Tier Upgrade Request. You will receive an email once your request is approved, or if there is any additional information that may be needed.

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