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Viewing Payments

Merchants have the ability to address payment exceptions directly from the Payments view in the merchant dashboard. The Payments view can be accessed by logging in to your merchant account and then selecting the Payments link on the left menu bar.

In the Payments view, invoices can be filtered by the three tabs across the top. The first tab, All, allows you to view all of your invoices. The second tab, Paid, allows you to view just your paid invoices. The third tab, Unresolved, allows you to view just your invoices with unresolved payment exceptions.

Additionally, you can search by the Invoice ID or filter by date range using the Search and Filter icons in the top right:

Viewing the invoice details:

To review the details of an invoice, select the desired invoice from the Payments view list. The Payment Details view will be shown, which includes the following details: 

  • invoice ID (at the top)
  • the fiat amount and currency that the invoice was priced in
  • the total in BTC
  • the amount paid in BTC
  • the invoice status
  • the number of confirmations
  • the time and date that the invoice was created (in UTC)
  • the history of the invoice (creation, payment received, refund sent, credited)

Once the transaction that applied toward an invoice has received 6 confirmations, the invoice can be refunded or adjusted.

Payment Handling:

The possible actions that can be performed from the Payments dashboard include:

  • Refunding the full amount of a fully paid invoice
  • Refund a partial amount of a fully paid invoice
  • Accepting an underpaid invoice
  • Refunding an underpaid invoice
  • Accepting the overpaid portion of an overpaid invoice
  • Refund the overpaid portion of an overpaid invoice
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