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The community-supported BitPay osCommerce plugin is available on GitHub. See the readme there for more details.


  1. Copy bitpay_callback.php into your osCommerce catalog directory
  2. Copy the bitpay directory into your osCommerce catalog directory
  3. Copy includes/modules/payment/bitpay.php into catalog/includes/modules/payment/
  4. Copy includes/languages/english/modules/payment/bitpay.php into catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/


  • Create an API key at
  • In your osCommerce admin panel under Modules > Payment, install the "Bitcoin via BitPay" module.
  • Verify that the module is enabled.
  • Copy/Paste the API key you created in step 1 into the API Key field.
  • Select a transaction speed. The high speed will send a confirmation as soon as a transaction is received in the bitcoin network (usually a few seconds). A medium speed setting will typically take 10 minutes. The low speed setting usually takes around 1 hour. See the documentation for a full description of the transaction speed settings.
  • Choose a status for unpaid and paid orders (or leave the default values as defined).
  • Verify that the currencies displayed corresponds to what you want and to those accepted by (the defaults are what BitPay accepts as of this writing).
  • Choose a sort order for displaying this payment option to visitors. Lowest is displayed first.


When a user chooses the "Bitcoin via BitPay" payment method, they will be presented with an order summary as the next step (prices are shown in whatever currency they've selected for shopping). Upon confirming their order, the system takes the user to Once payment is received, a link is presented to the shopper that will take them back to your website.

In your Admin control panel, you can see the orders made via Bitcoins just as you could see for any other payment mode. The status you selected in the configuration steps above will indicate whether the order has been paid for.

Note: This extension does not provide a means of automatically pulling a current BTC exchange rate for presenting BTC prices to shoppers.

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