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Copy these files into sites/all/modules/ in your Drupal directory.


  • Sign up for a merchant account with Bitpay, at Be sure to
    read all provided information thoroughly, and to understand the fees that
    will be charged.
  • On your Bitpay merchant page, provide deposit information. This can be
    information for your bank account, or a forwarding bitcoin address, or some
    mixture thereof (you can set the funds to be converted to different
    currencies in differing proportions.)
  • Create an API key at by clicking My Account > API Access
    Keys > Add New API Key.
  • Under Administration > Modules, verify that the Bitpay module is enabled
    under the Ubercart - payment section.
  • Under Store > Configuration > Payment Methods, enable the Bitpay payment
    method, and then go to the Bitpay settings menu.
  • Enter your API Key under the Administrator settings dropdown menu, and enter
    other settings as desired.
  • Select a transaction speed under General settings. The high speed will
    send a confirmation as soon as a transaction is received in the bitcoin
    network (usually a few seconds). A medium speed setting will typically
    take 10 minutes. The low speed setting usually takes around 1 hour. See
    the merchant documentation for a full description of the
    transaction speed settings:


  • When a shopper chooses the Bitcoin payment method, they will be presented
    with an order summary as the next step (prices are shown in whatever
    currency they've selected for shopping).
  • Here, the shopper can either pay to the one-time-use address given, scan the
    QR code to pay, or use the click-to-pay button if they're using an
    URI-compatible wallet.

Note: This extension does not provide a means of automatically pulling a
current BTC exchange rate for presenting BTC prices to shoppers.

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